By JAMES GORDONThe Independent is owned by News Corp UK.

    The company is the world’s biggest publisher of newspaper titles and owns the world wide web.

    Its online newsrooms have been subject to cyber attacks and have been unable to pay the bills since 2012.

    The latest attack took down a large chunk of the company’s website and forced the company to shut down its business operations.

    In a series of tweets on Friday, CEO Simon Parkes said the company was in a state of emergency because of the ongoing cyber attack and because of how its customers have reacted to it.

    “We are in a situation where we can no longer function as a news organisation,” Mr Parkes tweeted.

    “Our websites have been shut down and we are now in a position where we are unable to meet the needs of our customers.”

    The vast majority of our staff are on the front line as we have to deal with a rapidly changing digital world.

    He said he was in discussions with his board of directors about how to deal in the face of this situation.

    Mr Parkes added: “Our customers are furious and are calling for answers.

    This is not a newsroom and we do not intend to be.”

    On Friday afternoon, the Independent newspaper posted an online message asking readers to help pay for repairs and “support” for its website.

    The messages said it would take “at least 24 hours” to fix the problems.

    The company is in the process of selling the majority of its properties to Chinese buyers.

    It said it was looking for a buyer to acquire the newspaper for about $2.6 million, but was not sure how soon it would be able to acquire it.

    It was not clear what was going on with its website but it has been in maintenance mode since November, and its business is now largely offline.

    Its message included the hashtag #WeAreInEmergency.

    The company had not responded to requests for comment.

    In January, a cyber attack shut down a number of internet services, including Skype, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

    In April, hackers used malware to spread ransomware that forced millions of people to pay a ransom in exchange for the security of their data.

    Cisco Systems, a US technology company, said it had blocked some of the attackers from accessing its network and had made the company aware of the attacks.


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