Engadgesto see the most basic of the four models of the new Apple TV in action.

    The base model comes with the latest version of Apple TV software, and the new hardware comes with Siri, which is a voice assistant with a built-in voice search.

    Siri can be configured to answer questions about the TV, and it will even let you search the TV for specific content, like the Netflix app or the weather.

    Apple TV 4 and 5 are available for $100 more than the basic model, and you’ll pay $300 for the Apple TV 3, which includes Siri.

    The Apple TV 5 comes with a faster processor, a bigger, brighter screen, and Apple’s new remote, but that’s not all that different from the base model.

    The $200 extra is for the $20 extra in hardware.

    It doesn’t come with Siri on the base, but you can get the Siri remote for $30 less, which does include Siri.

    You’ll need a third-party remote for the Siri on Apple TV.

    For more, see Apple TV review.


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