The system keeps crashing and is still not responding.

    When the system is in an “unresponsive state”, the computer cannot be started.

    To fix this issue, reboot the computer.

    The system is currently in a “critical” state, according to the System Response Group.

    “The critical state can be triggered by many events, such as a network failure or a system reboot,” the group writes.

    “A computer cannot function properly if it’s in this critical state.”

    The group recommends that a computer that is in the critical state be powered off and a system restart.

    If the system fails to reboot, the computer may also display a message indicating the system has been rebooted, and a warning screen.

    This system should be powered on and the computer restarted before attempting to recover from this issue.

    “In addition to the steps outlined in this alert, the System Responder Group also recommends that you try to reboot the system.

    This may cause the computer to start, but the system won’t work normally,” the report states.

    The report suggests that users contact their systems manufacturer and request an upgrade to a newer version of Windows 10, or to a Microsoft software update.


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