A new report shows that if you keep your Windows computer running, you could save up to $500 in your lifetime.

    While it may sound counterintuitive, many people don’t know that this sort of thing happens to them.

    “It’s a little bit like the old adage that the more you know, the less you know,” said Brian Miller, a software developer who runs a software testing and development firm called Miller and Miller Consulting.

    “You know what you’re going to need to do for a new software product, but you don’t really know where to start looking.”

    For example, if you’ve always wanted to install a new version of Office, but it hasn’t shipped yet, Miller said you might consider installing the latest version of the software, even if it might require some of the same basic installation steps.

    “You have to get a brand new copy of Office,” Miller said.

    “If you’ve never done that, you’re not going to know the difference.”

    That doesn’t mean you can’t use a computer’s software updates and upgrades to keep a computer running.

    Miller and his team created a program called “Windows 7 Security Update.”

    It checks for a potential problem, installs an update, and then warns you if it finds anything.

    “A lot of times we do security updates on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, but if we find something we don’t like, we just push it out,” Miller told The Huffington, adding that you can get the program for free from the company’s website.

    “The main difference between this and a regular Windows Update is the fact that it doesn’t give you a warning.

    So if you want to stop it, you can, but there are no guarantees.”

    The report also found that if your computer is a laptop, the security update might not work.

    “When we checked our systems with the latest Windows security patch, we found that Microsoft had removed support for a security feature called Device Guard,” the report said.

    That feature allows a computer to restrict certain actions like opening an email attachment or playing a video, but Microsoft says it will return the feature to the feature if a security issue is fixed.

    If your computer does have Device Guard, Miller’s report says that “we have found that when you enable this feature, it causes the computer to restart after a reboot.”

    “It can cause problems,” Miller explained.

    “And we’re aware of at least two cases where this feature has caused problems, and we’ve removed the feature from Windows.”

    So if you’re using your computer to do things like downloading movies or music, you might want to consider installing a newer version of Microsoft’s operating system.


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