An Alberta family’s search for a home in Calgary’s east ended on Thursday after they received a tip about an oil leak in the area.

    Christine Sartor and her family live in a home on a cul-de-sac in the neighbourhood of Dix Lakes.

    The family is concerned for the safety of their home after the gas station was shut down in early March.

    Sartor said the family is now renting a house nearby to house a family member.

    (CBC News)Sartoors and her husband, Todd, said they didn’t know how the leak was discovered, but are thankful to the community for their help.

    The Sartors, who own a food truck and a clothing store in Calgary, said the community has been an important part of their lives for years.

    “It’s a very small community, but we’re proud of what we’ve done here in the last few years,” said Todd Sartoor.

    “The community is so important to us and we really appreciate what we’re doing.”

    The Sartsons said they’ve been working with the Alberta Energy Regulator to determine how the leaks occurred.

    The gas station in question shut down on March 31.

    Staff at the nearby Leduc gas station were notified that there was a leak and called police, but were unable to pinpoint the source.

    The family said they did not immediately know where the leak came from.

    Todd Sastor said it’s possible the leak may have been caused by a human error or by a faulty valve.

    “We’re not sure.

    I’ve been a customer of the gas pumps for years, so we know the valve is good,” he said.”

    This is the first time we’ve ever been told this.”

    The family’s neighbours are worried about their safety and want to know more about what happened.

    “I just hope they don’t have any problems with it.

    We don’t want them to be in a situation like this again,” said Kristina Flanders.


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