The latest version of a popular antivirus product has been released by the American Association of Government Employees.

    The AV-Protected Removal Toolkit (AVPT) is designed to remove software from computers that contain malicious software.

    The toolkit has been widely used by companies and governments around the world.

    But it was originally released by Microsoft, which was then acquired by Oracle.

    A similar toolkit was released in Australia by the Australian Computer Society, the Australian Institute of Software Engineers (AISE), and others.

    The new toolkit is designed for government agencies and other organisations.

    But its release coincides with the launch of a new version of the popular free antivirus package, which has become the mainstay of many organisations around the globe.

    A report published by the US-based Anti-virus Software Association (ASA) on Thursday says the latest version is “critical to public and private sector compliance” and that it “provides a toolset that can be used by anyone to remove malicious software”.

    The latest update of AV-Free, released on Thursday, contains the latest security patches for AV-Protect, Avira, Malwarebytes, and Norton.

    The AVG Anti-Virus Removal Tool Kit was developed by AV-Pro.

    The original version of this software was originally designed for commercial firms and other large organisations.

    Its release in the early 2000s coincided with the commercialisation of the AV-Safe software, which is now available in more than 130 countries and territories.

    The latest versions of AVProtect and AV-Vpn are also available for use by businesses and government organisations.

    The report says the software is “extremely effective” at removing all of the software that is in the software packages.

    However, it warns that this version of AVPT can’t be used in conjunction with the AV Free package, because it is only available for those organisations with legitimate business purposes.

    In other words, businesses using these packages can still be at risk if their customers are not aware of the risks.

    “The latest version AV-PT can be installed to any AV product, including AV-Block,” the ASA said in a statement.

    “However, it is not currently available for purchase or use by the general public.”

    The AVPT is designed “to be used on AV-blocker and other blocker products for the purpose of removing malicious software from all AV products, including those provided by the government or the commercial sector”.

    It adds that it is “recommended that users use a separate software package from the AV product that is compatible with the software they are installing.”

    The latest AV-TK, released last year, was designed for organisations using government software, and has since become a common piece of software used by businesses.

    The company behind the new tool, AVG, said the new version was “fully compatible” with AV-Prevail.

    But the AVPT itself is not a replacement for AVPrevail, which it says is a “better and more robust alternative”.

    “Affected software is still installed in a way that makes it possible for these software to be accessed and used,” the AVG statement said.

    “As a result, there are no known issues related to this AV-prevail version of product that could be attributed to this version.”

    It added that the new AV-Prevent, which provides a different, more advanced anti-viral solution, “can be used alongside AV-Stop to help prevent further malicious software infections and to protect the system”.

    The new AVPT was designed “for government agencies” and “for businesses”, but the ASA also noted that it was “not a replacement” for AVBlocks.

    “While the AV Blocks software has been available for many years, the AVBlocks software is a completely new product, not an updated version of an existing product, which means it does not include all of its features,” the ASI said.


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