A former footballer is recovering from a brain tumor that was discovered before he had surgery.

    The former Arsenal and Tottenham player, who has played for England and Germany, told the BBC he is “100%” positive his cancer has returned.

    But he said: “It is something that is still going on.

    It is not clear how long the former England defender has been fighting the cancer but he was initially told by doctors that it could take six months to recover.”

    It would be great to go home to my family and go back to playing.”

    It is not clear how long the former England defender has been fighting the cancer but he was initially told by doctors that it could take six months to recover.

    But in October last year he said he had been told the worst was yet to come.

    He told the programme he had received treatment at a clinic in Liverpool and had been given a blood test.

    But doctors at the clinic said the test showed he had no tumour.

    He said: ‘They were saying that I was in my 20s.

    They told me to go to a specialist because I was 20, but they never told me I was 60.

    “I went to my specialist and was told that I had a brain cancer.”

    They said that I would have to wait six months before getting surgery.

    “But they said I was only 20, so that’s when I realised it was a brain thing.”

    He said he was advised to go for surgery in Liverpool in November last year.

    The BBC understands the man had surgery in February.

    The broadcaster said the man was initially diagnosed with colon cancer in December last year and has been told by two specialists his cancer had returned.

    The patient said: ”My body felt like it was in slow motion.”

    It was like I was getting sick and dying.

    I couldn’t eat.

    I was really ill and very sick.

    “My husband was in bed and I was vomiting.

    I felt so sick.”

    I went back to the doctor who told me that my cancer had completely returned.”

    My life was just like that for three weeks.”

    When I came back, I was told to wait a year before going for surgery.”

    But I just went for surgery.”

    The man was given chemotherapy and radiation, which he says he is still receiving.

    The programme showed the man walking on a treadmill and speaking in a low voice.

    The man said: “I think I am doing OK, but it’s still not normal.”

    He said his wife was having problems with her sleep and he was taking medication for anxiety and depression.

    The doctor told the man that his life was going to get better.

    The interview with the man comes just weeks after a British woman was diagnosed in the US with a rare form of brain cancer after a scan revealed the tumour had been growing.

    The American woman, who goes by the name Makenzie, said her scan revealed her tumour was growing rapidly.

    Makenzie said: It was the biggest shock of my life.

    I had never had a tumour of this size before.

    It’s not the first time she has been diagnosed with brain cancer, and she has previously told the broadcaster she had been treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

    She told the show: “I had a scan a few years ago and it revealed my brain was growing very rapidly.”

    There was nothing I could do about it.

    I just had to live with it.”

    Makensie, who is of Pakistani heritage, has previously spoken out about her experiences of having cancer.

    The woman was born in Germany but moved to the US when she was five.

    She is now studying in California and has since made a career of playing football.

    She has played at both the NFL and Major League Soccer.


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