The Windows 10 operating system will have a new tickler-style system, Microsoft has announced.

    The new software is named Windows 10 Pro, and is available in the US, UK, Canada and Germany.

    Microsoft will release the software for free to Windows Insiders later this month.

    Microsoft said in a blog post on Wednesday that Pro is a “better, faster, more secure and more secure Windows 10 experience”.

    Microsoft has previously made headlines for its controversial stance on privacy, which has resulted in some users not installing Windows 10, in favour of alternatives such as Android and Chrome OS.

    The company has also come under fire for the way it handles user data, with many users saying it breaches their privacy to collect and store it.

    “We don’t collect or store user data in this way,” the company said.

    “Instead, Windows 10 provides secure, seamless user experiences to our customers through a unified, integrated privacy and security platform, as well as tools to help users manage their data and security preferences,” Microsoft said.

    It added that users can turn on the “Smart Lock” feature, which can be enabled in Settings.

    Microsoft also announced that Windows 10 Home users will get a “Personalization” feature to customize the interface of the operating system, as part of a “Windows 10 Home Update”.

    “The Personalization feature will allow users to customize their personalization of their Windows 10 desktop to match their personal preferences,” the update reads.

    “Customers can then share this customization to others on their PC through the Windows 10 app.”


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