Google announced a new hardware platform called Google Home that it says will bring “innovative new ways to connect, share and connect” with the Internet of Things.

    While it’s unclear how Google Home will interact with Android devices, it appears that Google has a plan to offer some sort of software layer to allow developers to write software that will connect to Google’s Home platform, allowing them to build apps for the platform and enable connected devices.

    “We are thrilled to announce that we have the opportunity to bring a new platform, the Google Home platform to Android phones,” said Google spokesperson Ryan Schreiber in a statement to The Verge.

    “This is just the first of many partnerships that we will be making over the coming months to make it easier for developers to create connected, interactive and entertaining apps.”

    As for the hardware, Google Home is set to be released in the third quarter of this year, according to a post on the Google Developers site.

    This platform will be able to connect with Android’s network, but Google will not have direct access to its API.

    Google Home devices will also be able connect with Google’s Nest network, which allows devices to monitor thermostats and other smart home devices.

    As for Google Home itself, it’ll be built on Google’s cloud infrastructure, which will allow developers “to build the best, most secure, and easy-to-use Google Home experience possible.”

    The company’s announcement also hinted that it will “soon” be adding a new “home automation” service that will let you control and monitor your home from the Google Assistant.

    Google Home has already been available on Android phones for a few months, with a few notable exceptions.

    Earlier this year the company announced that it would no longer offer a version of Google Assistant on Android, which means Google Assistant has remained on Android devices.

    But this new announcement from Google makes it possible for developers like Matt Cutts to add Google Home to Android devices as well.


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