Senators will unveil a health-insurance reform bill Wednesday, but Democrats are warning the measure will be “far more costly” than what is being proposed in the GOP-led Congress.

    The new version of the GOP bill, which will be unveiled Wednesday morning, will include $4 trillion in additional federal spending over 10 years on a variety of programs, including a new health insurance exchange that would allow people to buy plans on a state-by-state basis and to shop for health insurance, a requirement that would require insurers to provide coverage to at least half of enrollees.

    The House version of its health care bill, however, does not include any new spending on health care.

    Democrats have said the Republican bill is a bailout for insurance companies and will cause more people to go without insurance.

    The bill also includes provisions to make it harder for people to get coverage, which could lead to more people dropping out of the health insurance market and potentially drive up costs for Americans.

    The CBO estimated that the new bill would cause about 23 million more people with insurance to lose it than under the existing House bill.

    The White House on Wednesday rejected the analysis, saying the CBO was “misleading” and saying that “this legislation would do the opposite.”

    President Donald Trump and his advisers are seeking a more centrist approach to health care, which they say would create incentives for more Americans to sign up for insurance.

    But the CBO report also predicted that the legislation would increase the costs of insurance premiums for millions of people.

    The report also found that the cost of the bill would be higher for older Americans than for younger ones, and that it would cost more for older adults than younger ones.

    The Hill has reached out to Democrats for comment.


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