New Delhi: A Chinese manufacturer has announced plans to sell its smart phones in India and other countries, the latest attempt by the Chinese technology giant to expand its reach in the emerging market.

    A spokesperson for Beijing-based Xiaomi said in a statement on Thursday that it has received orders for 4,000 of its Mi Max smart phones to be manufactured in India.

    “We are excited about this opportunity to expand our products in India, and will continue to promote our products to Indian customers,” the spokesperson said.

    Xiaomi has already sold some 2.5 million of its new models in India in the past two years.

    In November, Xiaomi had said it planned to start selling smartphones in India as soon as it received the necessary approval from the Indian government.

    The company also had said that it plans to expand in the coming years.

    The company has already offered discounts to Indian consumers, and in April it launched a special offer for Indian customers who want to get a new Xiaomi smartphone.

    Xiaomi is one of India’s largest mobile phone companies, with more than 5 million customers in India alone.

    Xiaomi launched its first smartphone, the Mi 4, in 2010.

    Xiaomi also offers smartphones in other markets, including China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia.


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