The NFL is trying to make the playoffs this season, but the division race is going to be much tougher than anyone imagined just last season.

    The new rules for the playoffs have caused some concern.

    The NFL is working to make it easier for teams to earn a playoff berth, and the league is working with the teams on new technology to help them.

    The league also is trying a new “Champions’ Trophy” and the team with the best record in the division will win it.

    But, this isn’t a Super Bowl, and a lot of people are saying that it won’t work.

    We spoke with NFL executive VP of product development, Brian McNally, about the new rules and what they could mean for the postseason.

    What is the new rule for the playoff?

    The new rule is the first major change to the playoffs since the Super Bowl era.

    It was announced on Tuesday and it will go into effect next season.

    We’re not talking about a season where we have a playoff game or even a tie game in which you lose and win the game.

    We don’t want to make a lot more noise than we have already announced, but it’s a major change for the future of the playoffs.

    It’s going to take time for us to sort out what exactly that rule is.

    Is it a playoff?

    What will that mean?

    It will mean that the teams in each division have to play in a postseason game.

    We’ll look at the teams and see if they are ready to compete, and if so, they will play in that game.

    What about the bye week?

    I think that’s a big part of it, too.

    It will be a bye week for a lot.

    The teams that are already tied at the end of the season, it’s going be that way.

    The bye week will be an opportunity for them to go out and get the win.

    Are they prepared for that?


    The rules are very clear.

    We have a process in place for teams that have been playing all year and have the right to make an appeal, but we’re going to keep an eye on how that process works, because this is a significant change.

    What will be the new technology for teams?

    I’m not going to say what it is yet, but this is part of the discussion.

    Teams have been working with us and we are looking at different things.

    I think it will be in the new Super Bowl that we see the teams compete, but there’s no definite answer.

    Is it going to make or break the season?

    There’s no clear answer right now.

    There are a lot variables, so it’s difficult to say.

    We are going to see how it works out, but you never know.

    The playoffs are going have to be exciting.

    There’s a lot at stake for each team.

    Are there going to a lot less people?

    You know, the teams that will be fighting for the championship will be going to each other and there’s going, I think, a lot that can happen.

    It can be a little bit of an unpredictable game.

    How will that work out?

    There are going a lot people involved.

    What kind of games are going be played?

    It’s really exciting.

    What happens if the division gets knocked out early?

    If the division is knocked out in the first round, how much will the playoff race be decided?

    It is the playoff, right?

    How will the teams make up for that loss?

    That’s a question that is going be answered in the Superbowl, and that will depend on how we are able to manage the game, how we manage the time and how we will manage our fans and how good our stadium is going in terms of fan engagement.

    Will there be a Superbowl rematch in the NFC?

    Yes, but with the way the teams are going, it will depend upon how much time we have between now and then.

    It could be a one-game tiebreaker.


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