The software system that makes Google Maps the most popular navigation tool in the world is being installed in the U.S. and Canada, but the system can’t be easily downloaded, according to the company.

    Google said Tuesday it’s installing the new software system for its maps, and the company is offering to provide an online guide on how to install it.

    The software update is scheduled for April 29.

    The company said it would release an update later Tuesday.

    The map system is being used by Google in a variety of ways, including its Street View and Street View 360 software, which can be used to create 360-degree images of areas of interest, according the company’s blog.

    A similar software update was also released last week, and it is being rolled out in other countries.

    Google said it is installing the software system in a few places around the world, including New York City and a few cities in Australia.

    Google will give instructions for installing the map system in several countries, including Canada, the U of A, and Germany, the company said.

    The company is notifying users about the software update through the company blog, which includes links to a list of places that have been announced.

    The update will not be rolled out globally until April 29, but Google said it will release an additional update.


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