The Guardian is launching a new website, which will help users better protect themselves from malware.

    The new website is calledGuardianSecurity, and it will be available to the public starting on January 1.

    Users will be able to log in to the website, search for and install new security software, and create a new security policy, according to the Guardian.

    The site will also allow users to view and download the latest security updates from Microsoft, Google, Oracle and others.

    The Guardian has also created a dedicated app store for the service.

    Users can access the app store by going to the “settings” page on the website.

    Users should check the box for the GuardianSecurity app to download the app, the Guardian said.

    The app store will have an official name of “Guardian Security,” and users will be asked to register for a free account to access the site.

    The service will be free for Guardian users for the first year.

    Users are encouraged to download apps from Microsoft and Google, and to use a VPN.

    They are also encouraged to use Tor, the anonymizing network used by the Snowden leaks.

    The news website also said it will continue to develop its own mobile app, which has been designed to improve user experience.

    Guardian users will also be able access the Guardian’s mobile app and website from any computer, the site said.


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