SYSTEM VIEWING SOFTWARE You can use the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to install and run your favorite remote desktop software, like Windows, macOS, and Linux, without having to enter your login credentials.

    Here’s how.


    Download and install the Remote Server Software (RSSP) from the Remote System Provider website.

    This will install the RSP software on your computer.

    The software is called Remote Desktop Software (RDS).

    This software will also be installed on your local computer.


    Open the Remote Application Manager (RAMP) and click on the Applications tab to open the RDP software.

    The RDP application is also known as the Remote Services Manager (RSM).

    Click on the Remote Console tab to view and configure the RDS software.


    Click on File to open a file.

    Clicking the File icon will open a dialog box.

    Click the Add button to create a new file.


    Enter the Rds.exe file path in the Name field.

    Enter a name for the file and click Next.


    Click OK to close the dialog box and close the RAMP.

    You can close the Remote Applications Manager (rams) window by clicking on the close button in the RMSp.exe window.

    You should now be able to open and edit the RDs.exe files.


    Open RDS.exe.

    Click Add to open up the RDSSettings.xml file.


    Click Save to save the file to the Desktop.

    Click Next.


    Right-click on the Rdssettings.json file and select Open with.

    This opens up a dialog to add a new RDS application.

    Click Yes.


    Click Close to close and close RDSSSettings, click Save to close it. 10.

    Click Start RDS to open RDSS.

    Click Install to install the software on the local computer or on a remote computer.

    You’ll be prompted to enter a password when you’re finished.

    You will then be able see the RDM and RDS applications on the desktop.


    Click Apply to close RDP and RDsSSettings dialog boxes.


    To configure the remote desktop sessions for your current device, click on View settings and select View remote.

    Click Edit to add or change settings.

    You may need to restart your computer to see the changes made.

    For more information on remote desktop systems, read our How to Setup Remote Desktop Systems article.

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