The Xbox Live APIs (aka API) are a powerful new piece of software that lets you interact with your online game, with a single click.

    For example, you can send messages, share photos, and play video games.

    But that’s just the beginning. 

    The APIs also allow developers to create new game features that could be used for more. 

    In this article, I’ll cover how to use these APIs to add multiplayer functionality to your existing online games. 

    Let’s get started.

    First, we need to install a few apps on our device.

    I’m using a Windows 10 phone, but any version of Windows 10 will work.

    Open the Settings app.

    In the top right, select About phone, and then tap Software updates.

    Next, scroll down and tap Update and security.

    Tap Install updates.

    Once the updates are installed, tap Next.

    Once that’s done, tap Continue.

    Next, let’s check out the Xbox Live features in the Windows Store. 

    This section will give you an overview of the Xbox API, as well as how you can use it to build your own game.

    You can also search for specific Xbox API features in any app, or view the full list of features available in any Microsoft product.

    Next up, let me show you how to build a new game using the Xbox APIs.

    In this section, I’m going to show you the API in action, and how to add in multiplayer functionality.

    This section includes links to other resources on the Xbox blog, the Windows blog, and Xbox forums.

    For the best experience, we recommend reading all of the resources before you begin. 

    If you want to skip ahead to the next section, click the button that says Next.

    Next to the API, we see a couple of sections.

    The first section describes how to install the Xbox apps you need.

    The second section describes which games can use the API. 

    Once you’ve downloaded all of your apps, head to your games dashboard.

    Select My games from the left navigation menu.

    Select the game you want, and follow the instructions to install it. 

    After the game is installed, you will need to launch the Xbox games app.

    In the top-right corner, tap Settings.

    On the Settings menu, tap About phone. 

    Now that your games are installed on your device, head back to the My games section.

    In My games, tap the game that you want. 

    Next, tap Update. 

    When the update process is complete, tap Check for updates. 

    You can then download the updates and install them. 

    Your game should now be online!

    Now, let us talk about the API for games! 

    In the next sections, we’ll go over how you might use the Xbox app to create multiplayer features in your game. 

     If all goes well, you should see the following message in your games screen:Your games should now look like this:Now, lets talk about multiplayer functionality in your Xbox app. 

    First, lets check out a quick example of how you could add in the feature that we want.

    We’re going to create a multiplayer game.

    The game will consist of four characters, each of which can control a character.

    You’ll want to start with one of the characters, then add a third character, and finally a fourth character. 

    Select the “Character” button on the top left of the screen.

    From here, select the “Player” option, and add the characters that you’d like to play.

    Next we’ll need to select our characters and their abilities.

    You might see a list of your characters abilities at this point.

    Next you’ll want them to click the “Select an ability” button, and select “Attack” or “Dash Attack” as the target ability.

    Select the characters abilities and click the appropriate icon to move forward.

    You should see your character move forward with the ability selected.

    If all works well, your character should move forward at the indicated speed.

    You’re done! 

    If something doesn’t work, you might see the “Can’t select ability” error message.

    To fix this, click on the error message to open the Settings screen.

    Select “Error Code” and click on “More” to open a new Settings screen that lists all of these errors.

    If all of this is correct, click OK.

    You should now see a message like this in the top corner of your screen:You can fix the error with this command:Next, we can add a new ability in our game.

    Select an “Ability” option on the “Ability Panel.”

    Click “Add” on the bottom-right of the Ability Panel.

    In this example, we’re adding a new “Dash” ability.

    In order to use a Dash ability, you need to have the character equipped with the Dash ability. 

    From here, click “Add New” on your character to add a Dash character.

    Once you’re done adding a


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