article RTE 1.30.17 – 08:45 AEST A new business software system that helps business owners manage their finances and help them cut costs, as well as a banking system that will help business owners create, manage and track their bank accounts, is to be launched by the Biz Network, a banking technology company.

    The BizNet software system, which will be in use by customers, will be developed by the software firm BizSoft.

    It will help manage a number of business software products, including online payment applications, e-commerce, personal financial planning, credit scores, insurance and more.

    The software will also allow customers to create and manage their own accounts, including an online, online wallet and an in-person, online banking account, said Mark Foschi, president of Bizsoft.

    The company said the BN software system will be compatible with Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform, enabling BizNetwork customers to use the cloud to manage their business finances.

    The new BN systems, which is set to be used by Biz Networks customers, include:BizNet banking software systemThe BN system enables customers to:Manage and access their personal bank accounts and pay bills to customers through the BNet banking systemThe customer can manage their accounts and make payments directly to them using the Bnet banking systemBusinesses will also be able to:Create and manage bank accounts through BNet’s online banking service and store them on their own devicesThe BNet system will allow customers the ability to:Pay bills to and from their own personal accounts via BNet.

    The company has been working on the BNs technology for over two years and has been able to deliver on its commitments.

    The launch is a significant milestone for the Bn software, which Biz Soft will have a major hand in developing.

    BizSoft founder and chief executive Martin Tettig said the launch was the result of years of collaboration between Biz Software and Microsoft.

    The partnership with Microsoft was a key part of the Bis software development process, and will ensure Biz is able to develop and release a commercial product in the near future.

    Bistronix CEO and COO Tom Bierbauer said the company is excited to be able offer customers the opportunity to manage and access the bank accounts of their business.

    “The Bn systems have made it possible for our customers to access their bank account from anywhere in the world, and we are confident that this innovative technology will be a valuable addition to the financial services ecosystem in the years ahead,” Mr Bierbraten said.

    “Biznet is an important step towards delivering Bistronx’s banking software to our customers, and the Bistro Group will be excited to continue to work with Biz to further our collaboration on this technology.”

    The BistreNet system is a software system designed to help businesses manage and manage accounts and will be integrated with Microsoft Azure cloud services.


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