By now, you’ve probably heard that 2018 is going to be a big year for apps.

    There’s been a lot of talk about the big changes coming in 2019 and 2020.

    That’s the year that we’re going to get to see some of the biggest changes yet in the way we think about and use our computers and smartphones.

    In 2018, we got a look at how Apple and Google are going to tackle the future of mobile, with their respective new versions of their mobile operating systems.

    Now we’re getting to see how Samsung and others are going about adapting their mobile software to address the needs of users.

    In this week’s episode of Apple Insider, we’re joined by Apple VP of Worldwide Sales Lisa Randall to discuss the new operating system and how the new hardware is going a long way toward delivering on Apple’s promise to help people do more with their phones.

    But first, let’s dive into the apps that will be making their debut in 2018.


    iTunes Store in 2018 With iOS 11, Apple finally made it easier for consumers to download and store music and movies.

    The app stores for music, movies, TV shows, and more have been updated to support Apple’s cloud services, and there are now ways to sync music, videos, and books to iTunes for offline viewing.

    The new app stores have been improved, too, with a few new features and a few tweaks that you might not have seen before.

    In addition to music and movie downloading, you can now view and download podcasts directly from the new iTunes Podcasts app.

    The apps for movies, sports, and video games have also been updated, as have the apps for social networking and email.

    Apple is also introducing an updated version of its Music Library app, which can now be used for listening to music or watching movies directly from your iTunes library.

    These are just a few of the many changes in 2018, and we’ll be diving deeper into the new apps and updates as they become available.


    Siri in 2018 Siri is a new feature that allows you to control your iOS device using voice commands, and Apple is now adding more Siri-enabled features to its software.

    In the past, Apple has relied on voice commands to control a number of Siri-powered features.

    Apple has used voice commands for Siri to tell you the weather, to set timers, and to ask you a question, for example.

    But voice commands are still a relatively new concept in software, and they don’t really work well with certain apps and platforms.

    For instance, when you’re using the Siri on the iPhone, you won’t be able to hear your voice if you use a voice command that involves using your index finger.

    The same is true when you are using the voice command on your Mac.

    Siri is getting better at being able to detect your voice, and the company is adding support for voice commands that require a combination of two fingers, or with a specific combination of voice commands.

    The iOS 10.4 beta and later release of Siri adds a new way to use voice commands on iOS, and iOS 10 is the first major update to add Siri support.

    If you have an iPhone 5 or later, iOS 10 will allow you to say “OK Google” or “OK, Siri” and Siri will respond with “yes.”

    Siri can now do many more things, including asking you to play an MP3 file, get directions, and set timers.

    But Siri is still not perfect for every situation.

    Siri won’t recognize your voice when you speak with it, and you might have to use a different Siri voice command to get Siri to listen to you.

    If Siri is using a third-party app, you’ll need to manually adjust the voice commands you’re used to.

    You can also manually ask Siri to do things on your behalf, such as play a video, or launch a third party app.

    This is a bit of a hassle for the average iPhone user, and it’s something you’ll want to take into consideration when you have to make a change to Siri.


    Spotlight on iOS 11 This new iOS feature lets you easily find a specific item in your home screen and bring up an overview of it.

    In some cases, you might be able find something useful right away without opening the app.

    For example, if you’re looking for a photo in a gallery or an album on your iPhoto or Photos app, just hold down the Home button, and Spotlight will show you the photo or album.

    The feature works best when you use the same app to search for similar items.

    This means that you won,t be able in a moment to go to an app and open it.

    But you’ll be able quickly find a photo or other item that you want quickly, without having to open up a new app.

    You’ll be alerted when you search for the item, so you can quickly pick it up and quickly browse through your photos and videos.

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