By Tom RitchieIn a post on the official Ticketing System Software page, Microsoft has confirmed that it is updating the Ticketing software to include new ticketing software for the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

    This software will be part of the Microsoft Azure cloud services platform, allowing users to quickly and easily add tickets and manage tickets on Microsoft’s Azure Platform.

    Ticketing systems are used to manage and control tickets in an enterprise-grade ticketing system.

    Ticketing systems use algorithms to verify ticket holders’ identity and account information, and can help ticket issuers verify whether a ticket is valid, as well as help to prevent fraud.

    Microsoft says that this software update will be rolled out to all existing and new tickets in the UK and Australia from March 1.

    Microsoft has also confirmed that this will also be rolled to the New Zealand ticketing systems, as part of its migration to the Azure cloud platform.

    Microsoft said that this update will include “enhanced ticketing and transaction management functionality” to assist ticket holders.

    It also said that there will be additional security enhancements to ensure the system is secure, and that users will no longer be able to create multiple tickets.

    Microsoft has not said how much the upgrade will cost, or when it will be available.

    Tickets will be automatically updated to the new software, which will be in the Azure service provider in March 2018.

    Microsoft is not the only company upgrading ticketing services to Azure in the United Kingdom.

    Ticketmaster has also been updating ticketing applications to Microsoft Azure, as have Ticketfly and Ticketingzone.

    Tickets are currently available for sale on Amazon,, Apple iTunes, B&R Bookstore, Amazon Video, Google Play, Hulu, iTunes, Movies Unlimited, Spotify, Tidal, and the Windows Store.


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