Microsoft’s mobile OS has been a staple of modern computing for years, but with Windows 10 the company is turning to a more flexible and modular approach to its Windows platform.

    In the coming months, Microsoft will introduce Windows 10 Mobile, an OS built to be used on devices running Android, Apple, and Windows Phone 8.1.

    The new OS is expected to be available to both PC and mobile devices on January 15.

    While Windows 10 will be available for all Windows 10 devices starting on January 14, there are a few important points you should keep in mind before you jump into your new OS. 1.

    What’s the difference between Windows 10 and Windows 10 for mobile?

    The new Windows 10 is essentially a port of the operating system to mobile devices, but that doesn’t mean you’ll need to upgrade your desktop computer or tablet to get the latest version.

    Windows 10 on mobile will run natively on any mobile device running Android or iOS, with a few notable differences.

    While the new OS will still run native on the Nokia Lumia 950 and Lumia 1020, Microsoft has announced that it will also be able to run on the OnePlus 5, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung S8+.

    As such, you can download the Windows 10 beta for your phone and start using it right away.


    When can I download Windows 10?

    The Windows 10 Beta for phones will only be available until January 15, but it will be coming to Windows 10 phones and tablets in the coming weeks.

    Microsoft will release the Windows beta for phones and tablet PCs in the weeks after the Windows Mobile OS is released.


    Will I be able go back to my old Windows desktop apps?

    No, Windows 10 won’t be able you back to your old desktop apps.

    While you can still use Office, Excel, and PowerPoint from your desktop PC, the new Windows OS will be able run on mobile devices and Windows phones as well.

    Microsoft has said that the new desktop app will also include a redesigned design that will make it easier for people to navigate the Windows desktop.

    The company has said, “Windows 10 will bring you the same productivity tools you know and love.

    But it will give you new ways to get your ideas into your hands.”

    Microsoft has also said that new Office apps will come soon, and it has confirmed that the company will also make a new version of its Word and Excel documents available to mobile and Windows phone users.


    How do I install Windows 10 if I already have an Android phone or tablet?

    While Windows Mobile will not be available on Windows phones and iPads as of January 15 due to a licensing agreement, Microsoft says that the upgrade process will be much easier on these devices.

    “We’ve created an app that lets you install the Windows Insider Program on your mobile device so you can install it immediately and get Windows 10 quickly.

    In addition, we’ll continue to make it easy to upgrade from Windows Phone to Windows on your Android phone,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

    “If you already have a Windows phone or iPad, you’ll be able install it from your PC or from Windows Store, too.”

    The company also confirmed that there will be a few differences in the way you install Windows Mobile on mobile and desktop computers.

    For one, it will require you to download the software to your PC first.

    Once you’ve installed the app, it’ll automatically install the latest updates to your device.

    Additionally, you won’t have to install any other apps on your device while it’s installed, and the company has confirmed this is the case with the Microsoft Edge browser.

    You’ll also be given access to a “more robust Windows app store” to help you keep track of your app updates.


    Does Microsoft have plans to change Windows for mobile apps?

    While Microsoft is promising a “faster, more secure, and more powerful Windows experience” on mobile, the company hasn’t made any promises about when this will happen.

    Microsoft’s statement is that the platform will remain the same as it is today, and there will likely be no major changes in the future.

    Microsoft says it plans to offer updates to the operating systems, but the company isn’t ready to talk about what those updates will be or how they will affect the operating environment on your smartphone or tablet.

    The Windows Phone platform is also undergoing significant changes right now, and Microsoft says there’s no immediate plans to release any updates to that platform.

    Microsoft said that it would like to “bring the most popular features of the Windows Phone operating system and apps into Windows 10, including Cortana, Skype, the Photos app, and a new, faster messaging platform.”


    Can I upgrade my Windows Phone device?

    There are a number of ways you can upgrade your Windows Phone.

    In most cases, you will be asked to sign in to your Microsoft account before you can perform any of the upgrades.

    After you’ve signed in, you should then download and install the upgrade software.

    Windows Mobile devices will continue


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