Microsoft has a new software product called Office 365 ProPlus that lets you run an Office 365 subscription, and it comes with a new feature.

    You can now set a reminder to get an Office subscription if you don’t do anything in the next 24 hours.

    If you’re using Office 365, you can see that reminder right on the desktop.

    If you’ve got an existing subscription, you’ll be able to opt-in for the free 24-hour subscription option.

    If your subscription comes with an annual fee, you’re required to pay it upfront.

    Office 365 is free for existing Office 365 customers.

    It also comes with two-year free upgrade to Office 365.

    Office 2017 is free with a one-time upgrade to all versions of Office.

    There’s also an upgrade to Microsoft Edge for free.

    The only other subscription that’s free with the upgrade is Office 365 Enterprise.

    Microsoft said that users will be able configure reminders automatically for any recurring subscription in the coming months.

    This will be the first time Microsoft has included a “one-time” option.

    Microsoft has previously announced a free 30-day trial for its Office 365 subscriptions, but the company has also recently rolled out plans to add more subscription features to Office.

    Microsoft’s Office 365 Home and Pro subscription plans have been available for about a year now.


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