Posted by Wired News on June 28, 2018 03:20:25Microsoft is currently on the cusp of launching a next-generation Xbox console.

    With the company now officially confirming that it is indeed going to launch a new version of the console sometime in the next few months, the question is, will Microsoft make the leap to an all-new, all-powerful version of Xbox?

    The new Xbox X will reportedly be able to handle up to 12TB of storage, as well as support a full HD Blu-ray player, as the name suggests.

    That’s an impressive feat for a console that is rumored to be built on an AMD Radeon RX 580 GPU, with AMD’s Polaris architecture.

    But if Microsoft is going to make a leap in power, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not entirely clear what that leap will entail.

    We already know that the new Xbox will be able run the Xbox One and Xbox One S games, but we’re still not sure what the new version will do.

    According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, the Xbox X could support up to 10TB of hard drive storage.

    It’s possible that the Xbox team could be working on something even more ambitious than 10TB.

    The same report states that the next Xbox will support up “to 16TB of GDDR5 memory.”

    However, if Microsoft wants to run some of its upcoming Xbox games on a higher-capacity GPU, it could be even more difficult to get there.

    The Xbox X’s successor, Xbox XS, will reportedly support up a whopping 16TB.

    With the Xbox lineup currently dominated by games that use DirectX 12, the possibility of an all new Xbox is a real possibility.

    But the company is already making significant strides in its effort to embrace next-gen gaming, and that means that the chances of a new Xbox version launching in 2019 seem remote.

    If you want to read more about the future of Xbox, we recommend you check out our article about Xbox and the future, and check out the latest video from Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2018 event.


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