IBM’s cloud-based systems for military and intelligence agencies are expected to replace many of the systems that are already in use on US battlefields.

    The Pentagon’s Office of the Chief Information Officer announced Tuesday that IBM’s Watson, which will be integrated into its new DataBase data storage system, will replace the old data storage systems and other tools, such as the Defense Information Systems Agency’s FTE system.IBM says its Watson will have a data processing capacity of 1 terabyte per second.

    The new system will have access to 3 terabytes of storage.

    In a statement, IBM said its Watson is “built on top of the cloud” and “can accelerate performance of systems using the same underlying technologies used in commercial cloud-computing systems.”

    IBM says its cloud-ready Watson will be able to “collect and store massive amounts of data in the cloud.”IBM also announced a partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration, which has deployed the IBM Watson System as part of its commercial aircraft.

    The announcement comes as the Pentagon is trying to build a cloud-like infrastructure that will allow for faster deployment of the Pentagon’s military and other government data.

    The move by the Pentagon comes as Congress is considering a bill that would make it easier for private firms to deploy military software.

    The bill has been introduced in the Senate and is expected to pass in the House, where it faces opposition from Republican lawmakers.

    The White House said in a statement that the new cloud system will enable DOD to more quickly deploy and share critical information, such a battlefield operations strategy, and other intelligence.

    The new technology will enable the Pentagon to have “a robust, seamless, secure, and reliable cloud infrastructure,” the statement said.

    “This new cloud architecture will allow us to use our existing infrastructure to make critical decision-making in a faster, more efficient and secure manner.”


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