The future of software is changing.

    The technology behind the new consoles, the way software is delivered to users, and the way companies sell software are all changing.

    And, increasingly, these changes are coming at the expense of companies like Microsoft.

    The company is taking steps to protect itself and its business from potential liability, and it’s doing so with the goal of creating more profitable products and services.

    “Our goal with Microsoft’s strategy is to ensure that we can continue to deliver products and provide services that are affordable, convenient, and that enable a better way of living,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella wrote in an October 9 letter to shareholders.

    The letter came after Microsoft said that it plans to “focus on the future” of the company.

    In a statement, Nadellas chief legal officer David A. Karp said Microsoft’s plans to protect its users and businesses from potential legal liability were not a departure from its previous approach.

    “We have always believed that a company’s best interest is to create value and to build value for our shareholders and employees, and this is precisely the goal we share with Microsoft,” Karp wrote.

    Microsoft’s approach has long been one of the firm’s core values. “

    The company will continue to be focused on creating value and creating value for its customers.”

    Microsoft’s approach has long been one of the firm’s core values.

    The move toward a “more sustainable future” that Nadello outlined was not new.

    In 2014, Nidello wrote a letter to investors saying that Microsoft would “develop and launch a new, more inclusive business model that is aligned with the value we are delivering to our shareholders, partners, employees, customers, and partners around the world.”

    Microsoft has been moving away from the traditional business model of selling hardware, software, and services in order to focus more on software and services that customers use.

    In the letter, Nacellas stated that Microsoft was “continuing to build a new business model, one that is more inclusive and aligned with our value proposition.”

    The new business, he said, would be focused “on delivering products and experiences that are more efficient, more convenient, more accessible, and more secure for our customers, partners and employees.”

    The letter, which was not released publicly, also said that Microsoft had “committed to a strategic review” of its “business model for the foreseeable future.”

    The company was asked to provide a more detailed plan for how it plans on making its future products and its future services more secure and cost-effective, but it didn’t provide any specifics.

    The new “business plan” is not the first time that Nacella has talked about the “new business model” as part of his plan to create more sustainable products and a more profitable company.

    Microsoft announced last year that it would be launching a new “platform” called the “Office 365” platform to offer more efficient and cost effective services for businesses.

    That announcement came after a series of recent scandals, including the hacking of Sony’s email network and the leaking of documents showing that the FBI and NSA had been tracking Internet and phone users.

    “Today, we have begun to implement a new set of business models to ensure a more inclusive, sustainable and effective future for Microsoft,” Nadelly wrote.

    While the new “Office” platform is not yet live, Microsoft is already planning to introduce a new version of its software to help it “develop new and innovative solutions to customers’ unique needs.”

    This will be called “Microsoft 365.”


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