By now, you’ve probably seen the calendar app in Windows 10.

    If not, the calendar will show up on the Start screen when you click on a notification, such as when you’re at work.

    Microsoft has made the Calendar app one of the default apps for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, a big update that brings the calendar functionality to the operating system.

    Now, we can get Windows 10’s calendar to work with Microsoft Scheduler.

    We’ll need to download the calendar software from Microsoft’s website and install it.

    If you already have Windows 10 and want to update it to Windows 10 Home, you can download and install Microsoft ScheduledTasks.

    After installing the calendar and the Microsoft Scheduling software, go to the Start menu and select Task Scheduler from the list of apps.

    You’ll need the Windows Insider Hub app to install it, but it’s available on the Windows Store for free.

    We’re going to use the Calendar application to schedule appointments and other events.

    First, download the Calendar software and install the Microsoft Calendar app.

    You can download the app from the Windows Update website or download the free trial version.

    Open up the calendar on the desktop.

    Select the calendar icon on the top right of the calendar.

    Click the Calendar tab at the bottom of the Calendar apps page.

    The Calendar app will pop up and you’ll see the calendar as a calendar item.

    Select Calendar to schedule events.

    Click Add Event from the menu at the top of the schedule.

    The calendar will pop open and you can schedule appointments.

    The schedule will start by showing a calendar of upcoming appointments.

    You have to choose when you want the scheduled events to start, and then click on the calendar to select an event to start.

    Select a time and click on “Start.”

    Once you select an appointment to start a meeting, the appointment will be added to the calendar automatically.

    Once the scheduled event is done, click on Start to start the scheduled appointment.

    The scheduled appointment will show a date, time, and a name, so you can view the appointments history.

    Once you start an appointment, you’ll be asked to provide your phone number and email address.

    The appointment will start.

    The appointments will end automatically once the scheduled date is reached.

    If there’s a delay, you will have to start another scheduled appointment to finish the meeting.

    Click on the Next button at the end of the scheduled meeting.

    At the bottom right, you see a countdown clock.

    The countdown clock shows the number of days left until the scheduled day.

    You click on it and it will show the number that you’ve been scheduled to meet for that date.

    If the scheduled deadline is reached, the next scheduled meeting will start immediately.

    You don’t have to be there for the scheduled meetings to start and end automatically.

    If your scheduled meeting is cancelled or rescheduled, you have to wait until the next day to reschedule the meeting, even if the scheduled time is reached the next morning.

    You won’t be able to cancel or rescheate an appointment once it’s due.

    To see the scheduled appointments in progress, go back to the schedule tab on the Calendar App.

    Once a scheduled appointment is scheduled, you won’t see any notification that it’s taken.

    If an appointment is due, you get a notification when the scheduled start time is met.

    The date on the date on your calendar will change when the appointment is finished, but there’s no notification that the scheduled end time has been met.

    If a scheduled meeting doesn’t start on time, you’re able to request an appointment through the calendar at any time, so long as it’s within 30 minutes of the time the scheduled meet is scheduled.

    If someone cancels an appointment or resets the scheduled times, the appointments can start and finish as they please.

    We used this feature to schedule an appointment with our son, and he was excited to learn about it.

    To make sure we got the scheduled schedule, we created a calendar event and posted the name of our scheduled meeting to the event.

    We also used this to schedule a birthday party, and we made sure to mark it on the scheduled calendar so we could easily access it when we had to make the next appointment.

    Now we can schedule a meeting without waiting for an appointment.

    If we want to meet in person for the next date, we’ll have to schedule the appointment by phone, but we can do that by clicking on the event and then scheduling it online.

    If our scheduled date doesn’t go as planned, we just need to call the number on the schedule and we’ll see when it opens up to schedule meeting.

    If it’s too far away, we’re just going to have to go to our local store and pick up the appointment.

    In the example above, we used the schedule to schedule our appointment to take place at 8 p.m. on February 11, 2019.

    We went to our store


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