A Microsoft developer said Tuesday that he is in negotiations with a major electronics company over a new warranty system for Windows 10.

    The Windows 10 operating system comes with a $99.99 per year software warranty that can be extended for $59.99.

    However, that same warranty can also be purchased for $49.99 in a number of ways.

    The Microsoft developer, who declined to be named for the ongoing negotiations, said he is negotiating with Intel, a company that is developing a new software warranty system that can extend the warranty for $29.99 for a two-year period.

    The new warranty is not compatible with existing Windows 10 software and will not be offered in Windows 10 Home or Pro, he said.

    Intel said it is aware of the situation, but declined to comment further.

    The software maker said it will provide updates for Windows on the way.

    “We’re in talks with our software partners, and we’ll have updates out to those partners in the next few weeks,” said Michael Diercinski, a Microsoft spokeswoman.

    Microsoft is working on a number updates for the operating system, including fixes for a bug that caused some users to experience problems with the new system, as well as fixing some bugs in the hardware.

    Microsoft said Tuesday it will begin to roll out updates to Windows 10 by the end of the year.

    It has yet to provide any details about when that might happen or what those updates might include.

    The company said it was looking to make changes to Windows software so that it is easier for users to get their software updates.


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