There’s a new software system in place for NFL training camps and that system, according to former players, coaches, and owners.

    The NFL’s new digital infrastructure for game day, the NFL Network, is designed to provide the necessary training information for every team to maximize the chances of success.

    The network, which will launch in the spring, has two primary components: the NFL’s official website, which contains game information, and its digital content app, which allows fans to watch the game on their smart devices.

    The new software will be called the NFL Digital Platform.

    According to a league source, the platform will be the NFL equivalent of the NBA’s NBA TV or the NFLPA’s Player Media app.

    It will allow fans to see game highlights, replays, and pre-game coverage on their mobile devices.

    The new platform will also be able to track the health of every player on the field.

    The platform will track how many tackles, sacks, and passes the players have made, as well as any injuries they’ve suffered.

    The app will also give fans the ability to follow and analyze the progress of players, including when they’re on the practice field and when they have left the field due to injury.

    Players, coaches and owners are expected to spend significant time developing the new platform.

    The league has already made the announcement that the league’s annual football camps will begin in April.

    That includes a training camp that will include training camps in Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, New York, and Dallas.

    The camps will also feature NFL games against the Arizona Cardinals, Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers, San Francisco 49ers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Redskins, and Atlanta Falcons.

    The NFL has yet to announce any of the teams it will be playing at the new camps.

    The only one of those that will be announced is the Chicago Bears.

    The Bears have played their first preseason game in Chicago, but the team is expected to host a series of preseason games at Soldier Field in Arlington, Texas, before the start of the regular season.


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