The best way to use a spa in the newest Disney Infinity video game, Disney Infinity III: The Marvelous Journey, is to have a friend or family member use it.

    To do this, you’ll need to connect your Disney Infinity system to the Spa System, which lets you create and use your own customized systems.

    To start, you will need to add the Spa Program and Spa System Software components to your system.

    Once added, you can access your Spa System from the System Menu or from the Spa Options, where you can set up your Spa system and select its color schemes.

    The Spa System can then be added to your games, but it can only be used once, and you cannot create another Spa System.

    To learn more about how to add Spa Systems, check out our previous Disney Infinity: Disney Infinity guide.

    To use the Spa Software, first, you need to download the Spa software for your system and then install it.

    Once installed, the software lets you add new Spa System colors and customise your Spa settings.

    Once you’ve added a Spa System to your game, you may need to restart your system to see the new Spa system colors.

    You can also switch between Spa System color schemes by using the Spa options menu, and by pressing the L key on the GamePad controller.

    You will also need to switch between different Spa systems by using your mouse, or by using one of the two buttons on the Joy-Con controller.

    Once the new system is installed, you should see the system colors displayed in the System Info tab.

    The system colors are automatically displayed in a few seconds, but if you don’t see them for a while, restart the system and try again.

    The System Information tab lets you adjust the color scheme, and then you can add a new Spa to your System.

    Once your system is set up, you must start using the system.

    When the system is ready, you simply select it to start playing your game.

    Once playing, you do not have to wait for your Spa to appear on screen, and your Spa can be activated at any time.

    When playing, your Spa will appear and you can see how it functions by holding the D-pad up to the system, or pressing the D button on the controller.

    When a Spa is active, you cannot use it while in the same game, but you can use it to play another game or to use it as a temporary system.

    To switch between systems, you only need to tap the D Button on the system in the game menu.

    When you are done with playing a game, press the L Button on your Joy-Cons to close your Spa.

    For more information about the new systems and how to use them, check our previous review.


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