The next big thing in voting systems and voting equipment is already underway, but its going to take a massive amount of funding and expertise to make it a reality.

    According to a report from TechCrunch, a new startup called Voter Systems Inc is planning to spend $5 billion on voting systems in the next five years.

    It plans to produce new voting equipment, software, and software applications for use in the 2020 election, with the aim of creating a new breed of voting system that’s 100 percent secure and private.

    The company plans to spend a total of $2 billion over the next four years, and it’s aiming to make the system 100 percent private by 2025.

    The system would be designed to run in real time, using only the vote’s data.

    Voter Systems will reportedly create software to make voter-verified voter ID cards easier to obtain, while other improvements will include a “smart” poll count system that can use the vote to decide how many people will be allowed to cast ballots, and the ability to record and share votes.

    The report also mentions that a large-scale voting system could be built using the same technologies used for voting booths and voting machines.

    “Voting systems are the backbone of elections in every jurisdiction, and they are a vital part of the democratic process,” said Chris Karpinski, CEO of the company.

    “They are the single most important piece of our electoral process.

    Our technology is the only thing that makes it possible to secure, private, and fair elections, and we will ensure they can do it.”

    The idea of the next big-money voting system came about while Karpinksi was working on a new voting system for Texas in 2010.

    The voting system was based on the state’s antiquated paper ballot, and its been used in only two states since, with a handful of others using paper ballots.

    The Texas system has been criticized for being slow, and there have been calls to use digital voting, but Karpinsky argued that its “the only way to truly secure the election.”

    According to the report, the team of researchers and software engineers behind the new system are planning to launch a pilot project in the United Kingdom next year to test its use.

    The project, called VivaVote, is reportedly “designed to use an ‘electronic voter card’ to record, process, and share the vote,” with the goal of creating an electronic system that would “provide confidence that votes are accurately counted.”

    The project is currently under construction in England, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

    “This is the first of many pilot projects across the UK and the US in the near future,” Karpinkinski said.

    “We hope to be able to move into pilot mode by 2020 and into full deployment by 2025.”

    Voter Systems said it plans to use the money it raised for the project to pay for a total $5 million for the entire project, which it expects to cost between $10 billion and $15 billion.

    “Our vision is to bring the technology to the ballot box, to the polling station, to every home, to voters, to political parties and candidates, and to governments around the world,” Karsinski told TechCrunch.

    “It will be a democratizing technology that will change our way of thinking about voting and our way to vote.”

    A spokesperson for the company told TechBuzz that they were not able to provide an estimate of how much funding the project will require, but said that the company plans on raising between $1.5 billion and 10 billion in the course of the year.


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