Apple, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, AT&T and Verizon are all getting new software systems for the 2017 calendar year, according to a new report.

    The New York Times’ Mark Bittman wrote that Apple is planning to update the calendar for the next few years, with a new app and calendar for calendar-based apps, as well as an update for iOS devices, and a new calendar on Android phones.

    The report does not specify the release date.

    The new calendar app will be available in a calendar format, and there will be a calendar app for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones, according.

    Apple is also planning to roll out the new Apple Watch software and services in early 2018.

    Other companies that are getting new systems include Amazon, AT, Cisco Systems, Cisco Unified Communications, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP, Microsoft and Yahoo.

    The NYT report says that Apple will add calendar software to the iPhone and iPad in the near future, and it plans to launch a calendar-driven app for Android phones in 2018.

    Apple announced in April that it will add its own calendar app in the upcoming calendar, and Apple Watch will get a calendar as well.

    The NYT report does say that the calendar app is scheduled to launch for Android devices sometime next year.

    Google, Microsoft’s calendar system, is getting new calendars for 2017.

    It also announced a calendar on Apple Watch.

    Microsoft and Google are all updating their calendar apps, according the NYT.

    Apple has rolled out calendar support for iOS and Android devices, as of the time of this writing, according Bittmann.

    Microsoft is also rolling out a calendar for iOS phones, but it will be in a new iOS app.

    Google is getting its own Calendar app for iOS in 2018, according Times reporter Bittler.

    Microsoft will also introduce a new Calendar app on the Android phone and tablet devices.

    Apple’s new calendar software for iOS is a calendar that’s focused on managing events and reminders.

    Google’s Calendar app is a time-management tool.

    Microsoft’s Calendar for Android will be the calendar-management app for Apple Watch, according Reuters.

    Apple and Google’s new calendars are designed to integrate with each other to manage your calendar and calendar events, according NYT reporter Bettman.


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