TechRepublic is reporting that Microsoft is moving forward with its malware protection tool, and that the company is deploying it to millions of users.

    This software is now in the hands of tens of millions of customers, and the company’s plans to use the software for the next several years to protect its customers’ data are reportedly underway.

    While Microsoft has released no details about the software’s purpose or purpose-built functionality, the company has made it clear that it wants to give its customers the ability to opt-in to Microsoft’s malware protection system.

    That’s why Microsoft is releasing a tool to enable its customers to opt in to the program, and why the company wants to share the tool with the public.

    The company says it will be using this tool to help companies to identify and remove malware from their networks.

    Microsoft’s announcement comes just a day after security researchers at Symantec released a report claiming to have found evidence of Microsoft’s “Trojan Horse” malware, which they claimed was being used to attack enterprise networks.

    Symantech said that Microsoft had also made changes to its antivirus software, including adding the “toybox” security sandbox to its anti-malware suite, which it claims is part of an effort to “reduce its dependence on Microsoft.”

    It also claimed that Microsoft has “re-engineered” its antiviruses, adding new tools that make it harder to detect malware.

    Symptech’s report claimed that the trojan horse had been actively deployed for at least six months, with the malware used to target “thousands of corporate networks” in its deployment.

    While the malware is still deployed in the wild, Symptec said it was only recently being detected and detected by antivirus vendors.

    Symrantech’s investigation also claimed to have discovered that Microsoft’s antivirus vendor was “part of a larger campaign to create a malicious and intrusive system” that had “misdirected” its customers.

    Microsoft is expected to release an updated version of its malware scanning software sometime in the coming months.

    Ars Technia’s own investigation into the malware revealed that the software was being installed in hundreds of millions machines across the globe, including some in the US.

    Microsoft has also revealed that it plans to expand its malware scan capability to more enterprises and “other industries.”


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