The software giant Cisco Systems is adding a free upgrade to any new computer it sells to customers, but some people aren’t happy about it.

    “The price tag is outrageous, and it makes no sense,” said Josh Schafer, a member of a community of IT pros who started the community group called IT Pros for Free.

    The company is making the upgrade for the new Cisco MyLink software, which is now part of the new Windows 10 OS.

    The software is now available for $50 a year.

    Cisco says that it has no plans to replace older software, so people who already have a Mac, or other PCs with software running on it, won’t have to upgrade.

    Schafer said he has not yet gotten the upgrade, but he wants to see what happens to people who have other free, open source software on their computers.

    “This has become such a standard feature in the computer industry that it should be available for free,” he said.

    The switch from Windows 10 to Windows 10 Pro has been controversial in the IT industry, which argues that users who are already using the OS are better off upgrading to Windows Pro, which offers the same features and benefits.

    The Windows 10 upgrade, like the Mac upgrade, comes with a $100 upgrade fee.

    Citing a study by the University of Michigan’s Information Technology and Innovation Center, Schafer said Cisco should be making the switch to free software instead of selling it to customers.

    “There is no justification for the software companies to sell their software for free to end users,” he wrote in a blog post.

    Schafer said he is also worried about how users will adjust to the new OS, which has been branded as Windows 10 Mobile, and he is worried that users won’t be able to use it.

    He also said the upgrade fee may hurt his pocketbook.

    The Cisco Mylink upgrade offers users the option to install the latest version of the software.

    That’s because it will install the newest version of Cisco My Link, and will be available free of charge to users who have already installed the software on the Mac.

    Schaufers blog post has received more than 50,000 comments, with many saying they were happy with the change.

    Schauer said he plans to keep using Cisco My Links software, and the company should make the upgrade available to everyone.

    “I’m not complaining, because I am already using it,” he added.


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