Microsoft announced its new “topaz” cloud platform Thursday, bringing together Microsoft’s software suite, cloud applications, and hardware for the first time.

    Topaz is Microsoft’s new cloud platform, aimed at delivering a powerful platform for enterprises, and Microsoft has been making big changes to the suite in the past few years.

    It now includes Windows Azure, a new version of Microsoft’s Windows platform, and is built on the same underlying Microsoft technologies that Microsoft uses for Windows and Office.

    The new Topaz platform is focused on a different business model: providing customers with a more flexible and powerful cloud service.

    Microsoft has made this the focus of the last few years, when it released a number of products and services on its new cloud-first stack, including Windows Azure and Azure Workplace.

    For most customers, Topaz is an improvement on their existing cloud platform: Microsoft’s existing cloud offerings are all built on top of Azure, and that’s a problem for many companies.

    “We’re focusing on the core technology and offering customers the best cloud platform for the most value and flexibility for businesses,” said Bill Johnson, senior vice president of cloud and technology solutions at Microsoft.

    As with Azure, Topaza will have an online, integrated experience, offering a single point of entry for customers, Johnson said.

    “We will be offering multiple cloud services to different businesses across different platforms and technologies.”

    Microsoft has not yet released pricing for Topaz.

    Microsoft did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    Topaz was built for enterprises and Microsoft wants to get it to customers.

    It’s the culmination of a yearlong process of work by Microsoft’s Azure teams to help Microsoft bring its cloud offerings to a wider audience.

    Microsoft recently announced a major shift to the cloud, saying that it will be introducing an OpenStack cloud service that will allow enterprises to run their software and cloud services on a single server, instead of having to run multiple machines.

    The company also recently launched the Azure Compute Cloud, which offers enterprise customers the ability to use virtual machines, along with a hybrid cloud service, both of which are aimed at helping enterprises manage workloads on the cloud.

    The Cloud Services for Business cloud service will be open source, and the Azure Enterprise cloud service is built by Microsoft.


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