The badging software is being rolled out to businesses around the country, according to a new study by consulting firm PwC.

    The badging program, which has been in development since 2010, is being put into effect across more than 60 cities in the US and Europe.

    It will be rolled out in a number of new areas, including the UK, where the system is expected to become the default for signage.

    “In our research, we found that the good reputation of businesses can improve with a system like this,” said Sarah Lebovici, research director at PwCI, in a statement.

    She added that the system “will help boost employee retention and attract new customers.”

    The program, called a “BID” badge, is an online service that gives businesses access to data on customer behavior and how they interact with businesses.

    It is similar to Google Glass, which offers a badge for businesses to show when a visitor is wearing a device, and has been used in a range of industries, including hotels, restaurants and retail.

    BID badges will be available for all businesses across the US, according Pwci.

    For example, if a hotel asks its guests to leave a room if they do not have a BID badge, the hotel can then offer a refund.

    PwC also said that the program is expected not only to improve customer loyalty but also to create new jobs.

    As well as boosting the business’s reputation, the program can be used to “enhance the customer experience, boost customer engagement and create a positive business environment,” according to the firm.

    However, while it is not a panacea for everyone, it will definitely help improve the overall health of a business.

    In a recent survey, 72 per cent of those surveyed said they would choose a BIS badge over their current logo if it were offered on their business’ sign.

    Other factors that Pwcs said will make the badges more appealing include a greater ability to easily access the data and the ability to show the information in a more professional way.

    There is also a suggestion that the BID badges could be used in other industries, such as in health care, retail and construction.

    While the badges are not currently available in the UK and the US yet, the firm said they could be in place in the future.

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