Intel is apparently not using Tensorflow for its future systems.

    That was the takeaway from the company’s quarterly earnings call today.

    Instead, the company said it would focus on a “custom-engineered” design.

    It’s unclear why Intel chose to use Tensor to build its future products.

    “Intel is focused on customizing its software to optimize performance, power efficiency, and battery life for a new generation of data center computing,” the company wrote in its quarterly earnings release.

    “This focus is consistent with Intel’s mission to accelerate the adoption of data and information technology.”

    The announcement was a bit surprising, given that the company has spent years promoting its new Cloud Platform for Data Center Computing.

    Intel announced a similar cloud-based platform called Cloud Vision in 2015.

    Cloud Vision was intended to enable businesses to run workloads across the cloud in parallel and on-premises.

    The new Cloud Vision product will be based on Tensor.

    Tensor is the popular and widely used mathematical programming language.

    Its popularity has been on the rise in recent years.

    But in Intel’s case, it seems like the company was trying to make the Cloud Platform less proprietary by using Tense instead.

    Intel’s statement did not mention that Tensor has some competitors, and that Tense was used by the IBM Cloud platform.

    In a blog post from last year, IBM noted that its Cloud Platform includes “TensorFlow-based solutions for the data center, cloud, and mobile markets.”

    Intel’s TensorCloud platform is currently being used by some large corporations like IBM and Oracle, according to an Intel spokesperson.

    We’ve reached out to Intel for comment and will update if we hear back.

    Intel also said that Tension, the open-source data-flow library, will be a part of the Cloud platform and that it will have a “great community.”

    But that doesn’t mean the company plans to roll it out to the wider world of IT services and systems.

    Intel does not expect to release Tensor as a part on the CloudPlatform until at least 2018, according a company spokesperson.


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