Posted July 12, 2018 17:11:40 If you’re looking to upgrade your HTC 7 to Android 8, you’re in luck.

    You can download and install the new OS from Google’s official store.

    But what are the apps you’ll be getting?

    According to a post on HTC’s Google+ page, you’ll get the standard Android 7.0 apps including Google’s Gmail, Maps, Google Calendar, YouTube, Hangouts, Photos, and YouTube Music.

    But if you want to download a custom version of the Android 8 apps you can get the Google Launcher app, a custom launcher designed specifically for the HTC 7.

    The launcher, as we can see, is pretty basic and doesn’t offer much functionality.

    The Google launcher is also limited to a few apps, and not compatible with third-party launchers.

    Other Google apps include Google Maps, Maps and Photos.

    The Launcher app will also include the Google Search app, Google Search Assistant, and Google Assistant Assistant.

    But it’s not just Google Search that you’ll find on the Launcher app.

    There are also some other Google services available on the launcher, including YouTube and YouTube Maps.

    Google Launcher also has support for third-parties, like Amazon Prime, Spotify, and Netflix.

    Google also has its own launcher called Launcher Pro.

    And if you don’t want to install Google Launcher, you can download the Google Apps for Work launcher and Google Cloud.

    While the launcher is limited to only a few Android 7 apps, it offers a few other apps that are compatible with most launchers.

    One of the more notable of these is Google Maps.

    The app has a lot of features, including offline maps, street view, traffic, weather, and more.

    But the Maps app is the one I’ve found the most useful for.

    You get access to more detailed maps than any other Google app.

    It’s also got support for voice commands, and it even includes a handy Google Voice Search feature that lets you search for a place by typing in its location.

    The Google Search feature is not available on Android 7 devices, so it won’t work in any other Android 7 launchers.

    However, Google has made it easy to get Google Maps on Android 8 devices, too.

    For instance, you just have to open Google Maps and search for the city you want, tap the Google icon at the top of the screen, and then select “Open Maps” from the dropdown menu.


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